March 27, 2013

#Omnichannel Future - Channel Pairs

If we want to understand what our omnichannel future holds, we should look at our own customer data for clues.

Many of us now categorize physical channels based on a Retail / E-Commerce / Tablets / Mobile Phone framework.  Using this framework, we can see how trends are playing out.

Take a look at the Retail / Mobile channel pair ... the fourth row in the table.  These customers spent more weighted dollars in retail than any other channel, with mobile phones in second place.

  • 72% of future demand happens in retail stores.
  • 10% of future demand happens in e-commerce.
  • 5% of future demand happens in tablets.
  • 13% of future demand happens in mobile.
In this case, the retail/mobile customer spends the vast majority of future demand in stores.  In this case, you'd say that mobile is largely supportive of the retail store experience.  Given this development, you'd build a mobile experience that is highly integrated with your store experience.

Tomorrow, we'll look at another channel pair.

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