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A Plethora of Options

Have a project where you need Kevin's help? Yes? Good! Here are the many ways that you can work with Kevin.

On all projects, I bill half of the project fee up-front, half is due within 15 days of project completion. A typical project takes about 4 weeks to complete.

Send Kevin an email (kevinh@minethatdata) or dial 206-853-8278 for details.

Hillstrom's Customer Development (Cost = $25,000).

Currently the most-requested project in a post-COVID world, I analyze how your customers are developing, providing you with actionable insights to grow your business now that you have this huge glut of customers. Please click here for more details. You also get "Hillstrom's Newbies" as part of the Customer Development project, at no cost.

Hillstrom's Newbies (Cost = $16,000).

A thorough analysis of the new customers you acquired in the past two years. You will learn which marketing channels deliver high-value customers and which marketing channels deliver customers who will not become loyal. You will learn if there are specific merchandise categories that deliver success. You will learn if winning products or infrequently purchased products deliver customers who will purchase again. You will learn if there are specific months where you should minimize customer acquisition activities due to low-value prospects acquired. You will learn if there are price point issues that help/hurt your efforts. You will learn if discounting/promotions help/hurt your efforts. You will see the impact of customer acquisition on the long-term success of your business. Contact me (kevinh@minethatdata.com) for analysis examples.

Hillstrom's Business Evaluation (Cost = $39,000).

The most popular project request in the fourteen-year history of my consultancy. I perform a thorough customer/merchandise analysis of your brand, identifying reasons why customers are performing fabulously or sub-optimally.
  • Rolling Twelve Month Analysis of key metrics.
  • Comp Segment analysis of marketing channels and merchandise categories.
  • Life Table analysis to determine "when" you should focus most of your marketing efforts by customer. This analysis typically reveals the need for a "Welcome Program".
  • "Class Of" analysis to determine if you have a new merchandise or existing merchandise issue holding your brand back.
  • "Winners / Contenders / Others" analysis to identify if your merchandising team is unable to fuel the health of your brand via blockbuster items.
  • Long-Term Value of newly acquired customers.
  • Long-Term Value of newly introduced merchandise.
  • Pricing analysis to determine if you are raising/lowering prices to the detriment of your brand.
  • File Power analysis and Five-Year Forecast to measure if you are protecting the long-term health of your brand based on current customer attributes.
  • Advertising Elasticity ... designed to illustrate how much your brand can grow as your advertising budget is increased.
  • You will learn why your brand is struggling or succeeding, and we'll talk about how to tactically change strategies to improve future results.
  • Virtual Chief Performance OfficerYou get Zoom/Video access to me for the next twelve months. Need advice during an Executive Meeting? Desire mentoring for younger employees? You'll get it with the Virtual Chief Performance Officer feature of the Business Evaluation project. Just set up the appointment and I'll be there, schedule permitting.

Ad-Hoc Projects (Cost = $19,000).

Projects that are customized to unique client needs are considered "Ad-Hoc Projects". If you have an analysis request that does not fit into my typical project framework and requires less work than my typical "Business Evaluation" or "Newbies" project, the project will be billed at this rate. Projects requiring as much work as the Customer Development project will be billed at the Customer Development project rate.

Hillstrom's QuickScores (Cost = $11,000).

Hillstrom's QuickScores addresses a targeted approach to restoring File Power, Sales, and Profit. Based on a proprietary weighting strategy that evaluates when historical purchases happened and how much was spent (by marketing channel), you will receive the following QuickScores.
  • Email QuickScore:  A score that you can use for targeting purposes ... each customer ranked from highest to lowest based on the probability of purchasing via an email campaign. You'll know exactly who to target for loyalty programs, for activation programs, for reactivation programs.
  • Catalog QuickScore:  For catalogers, a score that will tell you who is most likely to purchase solely because of catalog mailings. Historical purchases across channels are weighted appropriately so that you are not wasting one penny of the money your brand allocates to marketing purposes.
  • Merchandise QuickScore:  Based on weighted historical transactions you will know, by customer, the Primary Merchandise Category and the Secondary Merchandise Category preferred by the customer. Used in combination with the Email QuickScore, you will be able to target the specific merchandise that causes the customer to be most likely to purchase from an Email Marketing campaign.
  • Brand QuickScore:  An overall ranking of customers from best to worst based on Brand Loyalty.

Hillstrom's Master Sheet (Cost = $9,900).

Want a quick introduction to a Customer Development project? Get yourself a Master Sheet analysis (click here for an example). You'll see how your Customer Development efforts stack up against a baseline average of brands. It's practically free and you'll learn at a high level if you have a Customer Development issue.

The MineThatData Elite Program

Three times a year Elite Program participants learn how their comp segment productivity is trending. They learn how good of a job they are doing at reactivating buyers and acquiring new buyers. They also learn about aspects of their business based on experimental methodologies that Kevin is playing with.
  • First Run = $1,800, prepaid.
  • Each Subsequent Run = $1,000 prepaid.
  • Runs occur in February, June, and October.
  • 5 Years of Data Required, One Row per Item Purchased, .csv Format.
  • Fields (Columns) = Household_ID, Order Date (20191004), Quantity, Amount Spent, Item_Number, Merchandise_Category, Marketing Channel Purchased From.

Speaking Fee

Kevin has been featured at major conferences in Germany, Sweden, UK, and the United States, as well as Shop.org and Internet Retailer.
  • Speaking Fee = $4,000, plus Economy-Plus airfare and all applicable travel expenses.

Data Requirements

The image below illustrates what a typical project dataset looks like. Most projects can be completed with just "File #1". Most e-commerce / mobile projects require "File #3". Most catalog contact strategy projects require "File #2". Files must be formatted in .csv format. I can offer credentials for an FTP server if required.

Marketing's Impact on a Business

Let's dig into my advertising simulation spreadsheet. This business, like so many, is stuck. Over the next five years this business will...