June 09, 2024

Disappointing Moments

Here's Headphones.com celebrating the release of a new closed-back headphone.

In the same email message, you can watch a review of the new headphones by one of their in-house influencers (you have a team of 5-6 in-house influencers ... right?).

Now, in my project work, I get to see how much new merchandise is sold via email marketing, and how much existing merchandise is sold via email marketing. That's when a small tear rolls down my cheek. It's obvious that too few of you speak to your community about new products ... for if you did, your community would buy new products via email marketing at rates higher than in, say PLAs or non-branded search.

My analytics are calibrated to quickly identify these moments ... these disappointing moments.

What in the name of Gimbels are we doing here?

Sure, if you sell something for $49.99 and either your merchant messed up or your inventory manager messed up, you'll have to liquidate it at $29.99. And when that doesn't work, the marketer is forced to move that item at $14.99. When you sell a $49.99 item for $14.99, your email marketing metrics look great. You want your metrics to look great. You'll do more of this in the future.

Is that the community you want to have? A community that buys a $49.99 item for $14.99?

Or would you prefer the community that eagerly awaits a new item selling for $349 (click here) in a crowded marketplace where the customer could spend < $25 and get something that is 90% as good (click here)?

You get the community you deserve. I'm a great example of that fact. 90% of those reading this message have never hired me ... some of you have been reading my content for eighteen years but have no intention of ever hiring me. That's the price I pay to attract the 10% who will hire me. It's particularly disappointing when I see other consultants or service providers copy my analytics and sell them at less than half the price I sell them at. That's my fault - I attract the community I deserve.

How would you describe the community you've attracted?

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