June 06, 2024

They're Lurking, And They're Fighting Back

One of my favorite moments as a Consultant happened several years ago when I, in a meeting, mentioned that I had more followers on Twitter than a billion dollar brand had. The point of the verbal barb was to communicate to the Leadership Team they were missing out on an opportunity to, you know, build their community.

Yeah, I saw an email a few days later from the Social Media team, sent to a distribution list of somewhere shy of 400 leaders. The quote? 
  • "This guy doesn't get it".

Sennheiser doesn't have that problem, with more than 150,000 followers on Twitter (X) and an active presence in the headphone community.

So when a headphone reviewer with more YouTube followers than Sennheiser has Twitter followers reviews a new closed back Sennheiser headphone (and doesn't love it), Sennheiser is there ... lurking. And ... they're responding in a spicy manner when somebody who hasn't heard the headphones criticizes the headphones.

Every one of you operates within two communities.
  • Those who are fans of the product category you operate in.
  • Those who are fans of what you sell, sometimes even buying your stuff.

Sennheiser decided to not listen to the Lawyers ... they spiced things up and defended what they sell.

Look at this ... this influencer with nearly a million followers has good things to say about J. Crew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAG1KSboXYM. Where is J. Crew? Nowhere to be seen. Not interacting with fans of the product category they operate in.

I get it ... it's easier to pay Facebook or Google money for customers than it is to actually face your customers.

But if you are going to grumble that inflationary ad costs are hurting you, please consider all the things you can do for free. It's hard work, sure. But come on.

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