June 11, 2024

Best Practices? Probably Not. Sold Out? Yeah!

From time to time I share information with you from the fish monger in downtown Phoenix. And I know you'll tell me that they're a small business, you are a "brand" and therefore you cannot do what they do.


Look at the yellow-highlighted text below (they did the highlighting, not me, not exactly a best practice in email marketing).

"We sold a record number of them last week."

Here's the thing. You have a thousand styles or maybe seven thousand skus. For some of those styles, you sold a record number of them last week, right? It's mathematically impossible that you didn't sell a record number of "something".

Is there a reason you aren't proud of this fact?

Is there a reason you conceal these facts from your customer?

Why not tell your community exactly what is selling well, and create some urgency?

I mean, stop doing this.

Think about it ... that tepid message above tells the customer that NOBODY WANTED the junk they're forcing on you. Nobody.

My fish monger is telling you what customers care about.

You attract the community you deserve.

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