May 29, 2024

Speaking of That Community You've Grown ... Known As Your Email List

I'm analyzing a business, and here's what I see.

  • 27% of the sales come from items selling below the historical average price point of the item, for the brand in total.  37% sell below this level within email marketing.
  • The average price point of an item sold via email marketing is $6 cheaper than for the rest of the brand.
  • Customers who buy less-expensive items are less likely to buy more-expensive items in the future.

In other words, this brand truly built a community ... it's a community of thrifty shoppers, no doubt, but it is a community. And it is a community that won't buy the new items you introduce at a higher price point because your cost of goods increased.

Treat your community like a little egg that you want to hatch at some point.

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