May 27, 2024

Contrasting Business Models

If you follow the omnichannel thesis as prescribed by "the experts", you'll end up like Staples. I was there on Saturday ... for an Amazon return. Here's the line waiting to return Amazon items ... I was 8th in line.

As you probably already know, Staples is in business to support their core business model. Here's what the public thought of their core business model.

So you're operating an 18,000ish square foot store, and customers are lined-up using 600 square feet to return something to Amazon, while 17,400 square feet dedicated to your core business model are sitting vacant.


Meanwhile, there are individuals who are actually creating the future, in plain sight, for all to see and experience.

I know, you watched Shark Tank and the Sharks would say she's not a brand she just has a product. 

You can align all of your channels in a large bowl of omnichannel soup that benefits Amazon while the pundits tell you that you are doing this to fight against Amazon. Or, you can create something called "MANDO" that eliminates odor in the bodily places that the woman creator in the commercial brazenly outlines.

Here's Ace Hardware ... did they take the fabled omnichannel route of Lowe's or Home Depot? Or, did they chart their own path? Read here and find out.

Readers, it's time to stop giving these experts your attention. They failed you.

P.S.:  I just read some of the editorial review comments about a new retail book. Enjoy the buzzwords. Time to make a bingo game.

  • Revolution, essential, leaders, crossroads, innovation, bold choices, roadmap, remarkable, bold, decisive, transform, critical thinking, disruption, transformation, boldness, aim higher, move fast, turbocharge your business, emergent thinking, improvise, radical, future-proofing, conceptual framework, paradigm shift, seek higher ground.
  • I mean, compare those words to the MANDO woman yelling "PITS, PRIVATES ..." into your surround sound system every fifteen minutes. She's really not applying "emergent thinking", is she? Is she seeking higher ground?
  • She just wants to get the stink of all those management cliches off of your body.

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