May 30, 2024

This is Worth 11 Minutes of Your Time

In the English Premier League, Liverpool's Manager retired a few weeks ago. Here he reads email from his fans. 

He was the public face of the organization. Interestingly, his owner is the character who uttered the famous speech in the movie Moneyball about the "first person through the wall": 


Maybe the owner knows something about running things.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Who is the public-facing person who represents your company? Thirty years ago it was the CEO writing the "Letter From The CEO" on page four of your catalog. Today, it MUST be somebody, and odds are it should be your most empathetic, kind, dynamic, brilliant, wonderful person ... the best communicator at your company. Odds are that person is a buyer in your merchandising division, or somebody on your creative team, but the person could be in marketing or at your call center or in finance or IT. The person is somewhere. And that person should be EVERYWHERE ... constantly communicating with your community.

And that person should come across like the Former Manager at Liverpool.

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