June 29, 2022

Winning Items Among New Items

Back to the brand we're studying.

In each year we see sales distributed by A/B/C/D/F grades, allowing me to calculate a GPA for the first year (or for any year, really) of a new merchandise class.
  • 2019 = 2.21
  • 2020 = 1.93
  • 2021 = 2.88
  • 2022 = 2.50

2.00 is average, so we observe a change over time, don't we? 2019 wasn't bad ... 2020 was bad ... 2021 improved significantly, and 2022 was pretty good.

This tells me that somebody is trying ... hard ... to reverse the trend of new item performance.

However, this company solved the performance problem ... they haven't solved the core problem (declining sales of new items). Obviously, they aren't offering enough new items.

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