June 28, 2022

The Older Items Are Dying, However

At the bottom of our table we see the problem with those long-time items.

The "Class of 2018" in the table represents all of the long-term existing items ... the old stuff. Look at what happens to those items over time.

  • 2018 = $1,441,582.
  • 2019 =    $887,766.
  • 2020 =    $604,527.
  • 2021 =    $498,776.
  • 2022 =    $357,782.

Yeah, they're dying.

This is why your new merchandise is so darn important. You can keep pushing existing items, but eventually your items will die off, and you will have no choice but to offset the existing items with new merchandise.

This happens in every class. Look at the class of 2019.

  • 2019 = $581,765.
  • 2020 = $438,380.
  • 2021 = $469,514.
  • 2022 = $273,966.
Within three years these items sell 1/2 as much as they sold in the year of introduction.

You see the same things in the classes of 2020 and 2021.

It's just a doomed situation ... being staved off by squeezing as much as this brand can from existing items (items which perform progressively worse over time). In the past year, the sales decline took off. It's gonna be hard to fix this problem in the short-term.

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