July 07, 2021

QuickScore Offer For Catalogers

You already know (click here) that QuickScores cost $11,000 ... you get Catalog QuickScores, Email QuickScores, Brand QuickScores and Merchandise QuickScores.

Now, the feedback I get from you is "we already have great models from our favorite vendor, and they don't think we need to change." Alright. Fair enough. Let's not change. Let's enhance what they're doing.

If you respond by July 15, I'll run just the Catalog QuickScore for you for just $4,000. That's almost free for you, and you can overlay the Catalog QuickScore (which accounts for the Organic Percentage, guaranteeing you'll omit just those die-hard email and social and online buyers who don't care about catalogs). This isn't the Catalog Contact Strategy work I performed in the past (that's a lot more expensive and a lot more complicated) ... but it will get you pointed in the right direction.

Overlay the model with their model, and give them credit when the fusion of the two works a lot better than their model. Praise your vendor!!

Contact me now (kevinh@minethatdata.com) and we'll get started.

P.S.: If you are wondering what the most popular project request is this year, click here. Cost is only $25,000.

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