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Many prospective clients want to see what a project writeup "looks like" before hiring me. They want to understand what a Customer Development analysis will deliver. They want to see what the insights actually look like. They want to know that their project request will lead to an actionable outcome.

I recently spent a full week creating a project writeup for a fictional brand called "PartyFest Depot". You can click here to read the project writeup. This will give you a sense for what a Customer Development project looks like.

After reading the paper, feel free to contact me ( / 206-853-8278) to discuss your own Customer Development project.

At minimum, you will need to send me at least five years of customer data, in .csv format, with one row per item purchased. Here are the columns that I require, at minimum:

  • Household_ID or Customer_ID.
  • Order Date (20210611).
  • Quantity Purchased (1).
  • Amount Spent (29.99).
  • Physical Channel Attributed to the Order (Store, Mobile, Online, Call Center).
  • Marketing Channel Attributed to the Order (Email, Search, Social, Print).
  • Merchandise Category (Womens Tops, Mens Footwear, Car Parts, Dog Treats).
  • Item Number (at a Style level, not at a SKU level ... i.e. T-Short, not White 2XL T-Shirt).
Many clients send an additional file for email subscribers in .csv format, 1-5 years of history.
  • Household_ID or Customer_ID.
  • Date of Email Click-Through.
Some clients send a third file for website visitors, typically 1-2 years of history.
  • Household_ID or Customer_ID.
  • Date of Website Visit.
  • Depth of Website Visit (Home Page or Landing Page or Product Page, Cart, Purchase).
Project Cost = $25,000. Half of the payment is due up-front, half is due within 15 days of delivery of project writeup. Project fees are non-negotiable.

Free Add-On:  You will also receive "Hillstrom's Newbies" as part of your Customer Development project, at no cost.

Consulting Add On = $14,000. For one (1) year following completion of the project, you get Zoom/Video access to me for questions as you implement your findings, and I will conduct subsequent work/queries of the data as required. Payment is due prior to beginning work on the consulting add on.

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