July 11, 2021

When It's Over

Well, this post has nothing to do with the song. Other than the title, of course.

You'll know your COVID-bump is over when your Comp Segment Analysis looks like this:

Look at April/May/June comps. They're running -10% to -16% vs. last year, which isn't great. But remember, last year was the start of the COVID-bump, so it's not fair to compare against that timeframe. Compare against two years ago ... -1%, -2%, -5%. Customer spend is trending at or below two-year-ago levels. That means your COVID-bump is over.

"When it's over, that's the time you fall in love again ..." says the singer. So it will be with you. You'll fall in love again with old school Customer Development. The hard work of building lasting success begins anew.

Run the Comp Segment framework for you business ... right now ... tell me if you are seeing the trend I'm illustrating above. If you're witnessing that trend, it's time to get busy.

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