March 23, 2021

Life Cycle Purchases

Take a look at this image.

Each of my major project types serves a portion of the audience. My "Elite" program serves my most loyal customers. My Business Evaluation project primarily serves first-time customers looking to understand why their business is not meeting expectations. Customer Development projects are newer, and were initially pitched to my most loyal customers. Since then, the project has been a great way to find new customers.

Traditional Catalog Contact Strategy projects speak to catalog-centric brands who do not have a long-time relationship with me.

Finally, ad-hoc projects speak to my most loyal customer base. These clients have interest in other work that isn't easily categorized. Because of the long-term relationship we have, we figure out a way to get work done.

Acquisition clients focus on classically defined projects.

Welcome / Emergence customers begin the shift to my Elite Program and Ad-Hoc work.

Loyal customers love the Elite Program and Ad-Hoc work.

Now, if this relationship exists for my business, imagine what you'll learn in a Customer Development project if you look at the items that your customers purchase, based on the life-cycle of the customer?

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