March 22, 2021

Your Plan

So I'm in on a conversation and the "brand" is pummeling the vendor. Sometimes vendors deserve to be pummeled, but let's be honest, it is common for "brand employees" to beat up vendors because they've been beat up by in-house co-workers and somebody needs to absorb the punishment.

Anyway, I'm in on a conversation and the marketer at the brand is beating up the vendor about Customer Development. The marketer expects the vendor to toss in a bunch of free Customer Development activities. And you can tell that the vendor is uncomfortable ... uncomfortable to have a bunch of hard work handed to them, work that will not be monetized, work that will cause them to be beaten up.

We all have a framework for developing our customers.

Each cell in the image above requires a strategy. Not your normal "we'll be great at paid search", that's not a strategy within a Customer Development framework ... that's a paid tactic.

What are you going to do at a customer-level that is "different" and "unique" for the customers in Welcome / Emergence / Loyalty phases, by recency segment?

P.S.: The most common response I get to that final question is "I don't know". That's ok. It's much worse to know what to do and then not do anything.

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