March 24, 2021

The Roaring 20s

If you saw my upcoming project load, you'd become convinced that we "might" be headed toward very interesting times.

Following World War One and the Spanish Flu, we experienced the Roaring 20s ... 1920s that is. A period of significant economic expansion.

With one COVID shot in the book and another scheduled for ten days from now, I'm closing in on my "golden ticket" ... a re-entry into society. By mid-late summer, those who want to be vaccinated will be vaccinated. Those individuals will want analog-world experiences, after being locked-into digital experiences for sixteen months.

I don't have data to prove it, but my project load is increasing, and I suspect households are looking forward to attending a baseball game, a play, Saturday night at a bar, or dinner at a bistro or dive.

Maybe we won't have the Roaring 20s ... 2020s ... but something positive is coming.

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