November 05, 2020

A Side Effect of the COVID-bump

Is this what your COVID-bump looks like, when measured via a Comp Segment analysis?

If so, you've probably performed some advanced analytics (or hired somebody like me to perform them), and you may have observed an interesting side-effect of the COVID-bump.

  • Sales of items selling at/above their historical average price are increasing dramatically.
  • Sales of items selling below their historical average price are flat.
This is a fabulous outcome, of course ... it means that your sales just flow-through to profit at a very high rate.

A COVID-bump provides pricing integrity. Ask folks who produced toilet paper in Spring about pricing integrity. Pricing integrity leads to long-term profitability. Take advantage of the pricing integrity you may have earned via a COVID-bump, and you may have a more successful 2021-2022.

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