November 04, 2020


For the third of the audience who reads my content and tends to be catalog-centric, you have two delivery-centric vendors who will need to re-establish trust with you going forward. 

  • USPS.
  • FedEx.
One pushes your marketing to the customer.

One delivers your merchandise to the customer.

Both are now an obstacle to your success.

FedEx (you've told me this) spent months telling you to sub-optimize your business so THEY can optimize their business. Here is a recent story (click here).

And if the USPS is stopping delivery of some mail-in votes (right or wrong), how do they convince you that they ever ... ever ... actually did what was right for your business?

Institutions eventually break. When they break, something is lost ... then something new is created. You get to decide what is created. Get busy creating, ok?

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