September 22, 2020

Second New Product!!!!

Here we go with a second new product for Fall 2020:

  • COVID mucked things up in many ways. One of the key challenges is coming up with a credible plan for 2021 and beyond.
  • The Goals and Objectives project calculates the impact of COVID on your customer file. Did you improve the loyalty of your customer base? Did all of your gains come from new customers? Did your customer file fundamentally shift and now you are managing a changed brand? The Goals and Objectives project will answer these questions for you.
  • Based on what we learn, I'll share with you what your Goals and Objectives should look like for 2021. Need to grow by 20%? I'll set Objectives to get you to that point. Need "x" loyal buyers in 2021? I'll set Objectives to assist your thinking.
  • Goal/Objective setting is a big deal in a corporate environment ... used to set bonuses, used to point all employees in the right direction to yield a positive outcome. We'll strip COVID issues out from general customer inertia and set reasonable Goals and Objectives so you can have as much success in 2021 as possible.
  • Cost = $9,900.

A new product, designed to help you with our new world. Contact me right now ( for details or to get started.

P.S.:  Think of this as one component of a Virtual Chief Performance Officer project (click here). A piece. A highly actionable piece, but yes, it's part of what you get with the VCPO project.

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