April 21, 2020

QuickScores - Big Time Clickers

With a rash of QuickScores projects rolling in (click here for details), there are opportunities to re-introduce findings from the past five years ... findings that take on more meaning when every single penny becomes critically important.

Email Marketing is the Heavy Lifting Channel in the "Reopening Era". We have no choice but to leverage a nearly-free channel to generate a ton of volume. Your CFO is coming for your marketing budget, if she hasn't already. This means you will focus on things you haven't focused on before. In Email Marketing, you might have four segments of customers.
  1. Those who buy because of Email Marketing.
  2. Those who don't buy but click because of Email Marketing.
  3. Those who don't buy or click but subscribe to Email Marketing.
  4. All Other Customers.
In a recent project, Segment #2 (those who click but don't buy) became important.
  • 85% of the best email "clickers" were CRAZY-GOOD customers.
  • 15% of the best email subscribers ... those who click-through Email Marketing campaigns 7+ times per year and have clicked-through more than 40 campaigns in the past five years ... never purchase.
Why in the name of customer engagement would a subscriber click through 40+ campaigns over a span of five years and not buy anything?

When you drill down into the data, you see all sorts of oddities.

Here's a fun one:
  • Many email suffixes were from competing brands. In other words, there were marketers at competing brands "spying" on this company ... clicking all the time while never purchasing ... just wanting to see how this brand executed online marketing tactics.
You are not under any obligation to subject these "customers" to your typical Email Marketing diet. No obligation whatsoever. If you want to personalize something, personalize a unique message to that audience.

Analyze customer future value by email suffix. You may well learn some of the reasons why your Email Marketing Program doesn't achieve the potential it deserves.

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