April 22, 2020

Future Stars

It's happening everywhere you look now. In the course of 50 days, the world changed, and now video is playing the role that Facebook suggested it would play before lying about everything regarding video effectiveness.

Future Stars are being born as we speak.
  • Some are humble and passionate, but don't have gravitas ... and quite honestly, you don't need gravitas (click here). This guy moves a lot of wine.
  • Some communicate so darn well and convey emotion that you are attached to their content. If you love Ambrosia and smooth music, you'll click here. This guy has more than 300,000 subscribers ... boosted by a lot of people sitting at home over the past month. He works in retail, by the way.
Future Stars are coming to retail.

When your favorite store opens up, it's possible you will only get into the store if you schedule an appointment. And if you are scheduling appointments, you'll want to schedule an appointment with Kara ... she's a lot more pleasant that Conrad and a heck of a lot more helpful. Kara is a "future star". In the future world, Kara deserves to be paid 2x as much as Conrad. 

You can envision a world where Old Navy suddenly cares about paying people an acceptable wage. Prolly won't happen, but you can envision it. Instead of giving an Instagram Influencer $$$ to promote a message only to have the influencer rent an RV to escape NYC at the height of the plague, you can envision a world where Future Stars reshape retail.

Pundits are busy telling us which retail brands are going to "die" when we open back up.

We might re-think how retail will be saved. A Future Star providing a safe shopping environment based on appointments becomes an invaluable employee, one deserving of $30/hour or $40/hour. Given a choice between scheduling an appointment with Kara (who creates a safe environment) or Conrad (who asks you if you want to buy a printer), you'll pick Kara ... she's a Future Star.

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