April 20, 2020

Scroll Down For ... Better!

FYI:  Yesterday's post resulted in many unsubs (click here). The day prior resulted in many new subscribers (click here). When you take a risk ... when you take an unpopular position, you have to deal with consequences. Could it be that we are so afraid of unsubs that we water down everything we do in order to avoid them ... and in the process we generate no passion for the work we perform?

I looked at this and my first thought was, "oh oh".

About midway through my gentle simmer, I paged down a bit. Look what I found!

See, you can adhere to every "best practice" out there and STILL find a way to tell a story or be creative.

I know, I know, you'll send me messages today telling me this is stupid and you'll tell me it doesn't work and you'll tell me you tried this in 2009 for a week and then you fired the Marketing VP because it "didn't work".

For the next eighteen months, Email Marketing must do the heavy lifting. It's a virtually free channel where you get to push an outbound message to your customers. How many other marketing channels give you that much control at almost no cost whatsoever?

Your CFO is coming for your marketing budget, if she hasn't already done so. Why not get creative? Try something.

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