December 10, 2017

Another Partnership

Click on the image ... you'll see an interesting link across the top of the page ... it says "Men in Blazers".

So they have a partnership with the duo from the soccer podcast ... a limited edition tie. Look at the cost of the tie, dear readers (click here).

That's their whole deal ... vintage and rare fabrics in limited runs.

So when they execute a partnership, they go "all in" ... featured on their home page. No half-way here.

The omnichannel agenda of a bottomless assortment with best pricing across all channels has been blown to pieces ... by special merchandise appealing to a niche audience at fat gross margins with limited runs that assure the product will run out and not be available causing the customer to act now.

We've been taught a lot about how to be "omnichannel marketers".

So much of what we've been taught is wrong.

It's time to act like it is 2018.

P.S.:  Want another partnership? Here's one with a sock company and Crayola ... yes, Crayola.

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