November 21, 2017

In-Store Events ... Parties + Catalogs

Click on this story about Wal-Mart ... 20,000 Christmas parties with catalogs and stickers to point out preferred gifts.

Since so many of you love catalogs ... why not try something similar to this? Try something!

P.S.:  When I mention low-cost / no-cost customer acquisition programs, so many of you (especially in traditional companies) grumble. Will you grumble if I tell you that a famous Venture Capitalist leverages the same strategy (click here)? By the way, go read the comments as the readers beat the living daylights out of each other and the author. Mind you, the author made millions investing in companies with low-cost / no-cost customer acquisition programs, but have at it! We've gotten to a point where average professionals who have not leveraged tactics beat up experienced professionals who have success, and for what?

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