March 05, 2017

10 Years - A Special Offer Just For Loyal Readers

This week, the MineThatData consultancy is ten years old. My goodness.

Send me an email ( and tell me what you'd like to see regarding the evolution of MineThatData.  Be honest!

SPECIAL 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OFFER:  For one day and one day only (today), you send me five years of purchase history and I will tell you if you have a merchandising problem. You'll get a "class of" report that looks like this:

In this example, the company nuked new item development in 2014 - sales declined as a result - and it took two years for the company to recover and the company only recovered by going nuts on new items in 2016. Look at the paltry quantity of 103 new items in 2014 - you suffer every single year because of what the merchandising team did to the business in 2014.

Cost = $1,999. A one-time offer, valid for ONE DAY ONLY. Don't act by 11:59pm PST March 1, 2017, and you don't get the mini-analysis for the nearly free cost of $1,999.

Be one of the first ten (in honor of ten years) to request the analysis and you'll get the table above broken down by Merchandise Category.

File Layout:  One row per item purchased for the past five years. Each column is illustrated below.
  • Household_ID.
  • Order_Date.
  • Items Purchased
  • Demand (Amount Spent).
  • Marketing Channel Customer Purchased From.
  • Item_Number.
  • Merchandise_Category (Womens Sweaters).
  • Merchandise_Division (Womens Merchandise).
Again, the cost is nearly free ($1,999). One day, one day only. Send me an email and you are in (

P.S.: There will be one more special offer tomorrow ... another inexpensive Anniversary Special!

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