March 06, 2017

10 Years - Another One Day / One Day Only Offer For You, The Loyal Reader!

In honor of ten years of MineThatData success, I am offering you - the loyal reader - another one-day special.

In upcoming weeks/months, you are going to hear more about file power and file forecasting. Our industry is being pummeled right now by a lack of file power. In other words, many of you have made merchandising improvements ... but the improvements are not enough to offset problems with your customer acquisition strategy - yielding sales declines in spite of merchandise productivity increases.

So to whet your whistle, I am offering a one-day, one-day-only special for you, the loyal reader. I will forecast the future of your business for the next five years - overall - by marketing channel - and by merchandising category - for just $5,999. You'll get an opportunity to see, really really quickly, if you have a file power problem. You'll know what you have to do to fix your file power problem.

Again - send me an email ( and respond by 11:59pm PST on March 7 ... and you will get the five year forecast by overall / marketing channel / merchandise category for just $5,999. When I introduce the fully-baked product, it's gonna cost double or more, so be in on the ground floor of my measurement of file power.

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