March 02, 2017

Why Can't You Just Give Us A List Of 100 Actionable Metrics?

Nine months ago, Bill asked me to consider a presentation about metrics for 2017 ... feedback from last year's conference suggested that metrics were an important topic for the VT/NH audience.

I thought about metrics.

Why do so many people want to know what metrics they should be evaluating?

Have you looked at this list from the late great Don Libey (click here)? A decade ago he told you what you should evaluate. There's 104 metrics listed right there, given to you for free ... a decade ago.

Back in the day, he emailed me the list. "Do you think this is the right list?" he asked me. "What would you add? What would you omit?" I told Mr. Libey I would not add and I would not omit. I recall mentioning that it wasn't important what the metrics were, but instead, it mattered what people did once they got the list. Would people take action? That's what matters.

Would people take action?

It's been my experience that when you provide Professionals with a list of metrics they don't use the metrics - they discuss why the metrics are poorly calibrated or they discuss why the metrics aren't appropriate for their business or they theorize why metrics "different" metrics should be used. All of a sudden, it's not about metrics, it's about demonstrating proficiency in the crowded field of Marketing Philosophy.

Don Libey gave you a list of metrics nearly a decade ago. Did you do anything with the metrics he gave you - for free - nearly ten years ago? If the answer is "no", then you've just explained why I can't give you a list of 100 actionable metrics.

That's why I am running a Business Simulation at the VT/NH event on March 30 (click here please).

The point of the simulation is to demonstrate that even when you are forced to take action on metrics every single professional will take a different action. It's the action ... not the metrics ... that make a difference. We're not good at taking action ... and we're not good at taking the right actions.

That's what we need to learn - and that's what we will learn about on March 30. Why not join me (click here)?

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