July 17, 2014

Maybe The Best Article I've Read In 2014

Click here to read this article about restaurants and mobile. Seriously. Do it now.

Use the comments section to describe how you'd fix this challenge.

Think carefully how this change in behavior impacts your business.

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  1. Knowing nothing about the restaurant business, I am not even going to try to attempt to know how to solve this. What I do want to say is that I am seeing more and more restaurants in my area having "No Tech Tuesdays" (think Applebee's) for example. They are setting aside one day where the customers are incentivised for not using their phones or tablets while dining. I am skeptical that this will work. It's not that easy to get a millennial to put their phone down during a meal.

    I guess if I'd offer anything here, I'd say that you might want to start looking at smartphones and tablets as a valuable marketing tool. I've been places where I can use my gadgets to place orders and pay my bill (TGI Friday's recently). I found it pretty cool that they were engaging the "techies" instead of excluding them.


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