July 16, 2014


In an omnichannel world, you are supposed to align all channels with beautiful creative, impressive campaigns, and robust technology. You're supposed to tear down all silos (though the vendors who tell you to do this still seem to have siloed sales teams, don't they), and you're supposed to provide a 360 degree view of your business to the customer.

Few, if anybody, talks about merchandise and creative.

Your creative presentation says a lot about your business. If you were a 27 year old looking for a wig, and you end up on the Paula Young website, you're more than likely to be presented with a creative style that is fundamentally different than what is appreciated by your generation ... and for good reason.

Conversely, younger brands break all rules for home page real estate in an effort to sell to their customer.

Go overlay some demographic data on top of your website - then measure conversion rates by creative presentation and age cohort. Modern omnichannel agendas frequently fail to quantify the influence of creative demographics on selling stuff.

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