July 11, 2012

Store Distance and Email Marketing

You probably already know this, but give it a try anyway.
  1. Take 80,000 email addresses, and split them into two groups.
  2. The first 40,000 receive a month of typical email marketing messages.
  3. The second 40,000 customers do not receive an email marketing message, for a full month.
After a month, segment your test results by store distance.
  1. 0 to 5 miles from a store.
  2. 6 to 10 miles from a store.
  3. 11 to 25 miles from a store.
  4. 26+ miles from a store.
You'll find that you miss half of the sales that email causes, because customers who live within five miles of a store don't visit your website, instead opting to read your email marketing messages and then visit your nearby store.

Give it a try, folks.

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