June 05, 2024


Now, let's be fair ... most companies go about 15% of the way to where they need to go, it's hard work beyond 15% so we all just stop (me included, I should be working a lot harder), call it good and pay Google / Facebook some money. Done!

Here's what halfway look like.

All sorts of positives here ... relevant marketing (assuming people still care about the Olympics, which is debatable, this isn't the era of Mary Lou Retton, but enough people care to matter), apparel tie-ins, stories about athletes.

But ... Halfway.

What happens on August 1? The Olympics have been over for five or six days. All that work to create this "campaign". What next? And what do you do next year in late July when you don't have the Olympics to comp against? Now what?

That's why this is Halfway to where we all need to be.

If you do the hard work ...  building a community that adores you (and if you don't have a community, you're wrong, you're already getting there with your email subscribers), then the community is still with you on August 1 when the campaign ends. The campaign fuels your community. But the community is always there, regardless whether campaigns begin or end.

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