June 13, 2024

An Industry That Is Lost

Can I show you what it looks like when an industry is lost?

Here's Macy's.



In the Company of Dogs. Not as dire as the other examples, but the message is clear.

Eddie Bauer.

Let's revisit a few of my hobbies ... how about headphones, what does Headphones.com feature?

Oh, a new set of headphones ... yeah, let's click through the pre-order button and see how much these bad boys cost.

Oh my goodness. $8,000. And I can only pre-order them. You are discounting like crazy and they're featuring an $8,000 set of cans that you can't even order yet. But yeah, let's keep adhering to the retail calendar for June.

How about Pickleball Central?

It's product focused ... on shoes. They're not adhering to the retail calendar for June, either. What's wrong with them?

You attract the community you deserve.

My industry craves building a community that will never, ever buy from us unless we cheapen everything we sell.

This is an industry that is lost.

Show some creativity.

Be proud of what you sell.

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