October 12, 2023

Inflection Point Strategy

FYI - I'm about to complete a new booklet called "Hillstrom's Business Review". This booklet links my Marketing Budget Experiments work with Inflection Points and Merchandise Forensics.

One of the fun aspects of my work over the past two months is the development of an Inflection Point strategy for companies. I build models that predict how likely a customer is to purchase in the next year, the model is converted to a segmentation strategy that is generally used in email marketing to better target customers.

That's an oversimplification illustrated above - this stuff is performed/modeled at a customer level, so you know the appropriate strategy for every single customer within every single email campaign.

I know, most of you are just blasting 1-2 messages per day and wondering why response is so tepid. I get it. With a little bit more work, you can perform an awful lot better than you perform today.

NOTE:  If you want to get ahead of the curve and get in on a "Hillstrom's Business Review" project before I announce the beta, you'll get the absolute best price ... better than the beta/pilot price that will be announced in 1-2 weeks when the booklet is available. Contact me for details (kevinh@minethatdata.com).

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