October 15, 2023

Great Moments in Omnichannel History

Exhibit #14,943 ... JCP decides to pay Amazon for access to NFL viewers.

Amazon has spent the past twenty years ending JCPs business model, and JCP responds by paying Amazon to divert customers to, what, shop in a JCP store? And they aren't advertising anything. It's "remember us??"

Every single one of us now operates our own media brand. Amazon does. They had 10,000,000 to 13,000,000 people viewing Thursday Night Football on their platform. Think about that.

JCP has a YouTube channel with 700+ videos and ... and ... 46,000 subscribers (click here).

Tiny little Griot's Garage has 35,000 subscribers (click here).

We are all media brands. What we do to entertain our customers and prospects when they aren't purchasing (which is 363 out of 365 days a year) matters.

It's an uphill battle to pay the brand that is putting you out of business because you don't have a credible media strategy with reach.

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