October 16, 2023

First New Booklet In Three Years: Hillstrom's Business Review

It's been a long-time coming, but building the core of my Marketing Budget Experiments framework wasn't done in an evening. I introduce to you ... Hillstrom's Business Review (available on Amazon - hint, the print version will be easier to read, the Kindle version is gonna have a lot of tiny numbers).

The booklet combines three key areas of analysis over the past three years.

  • Marketing Budget Experiments.
  • Merchandise Productivity.
  • Inflection Points.

Combined, I present a different approach for analyzing the health of a business, allowing the reader to take action from a marketing investment standpoint and a customer interaction standpoint.

As always, I provide the general tools needed for creating your own Marketing Budget Experiment. I am not providing the actual application I use to perform my analyses.

If performing the actual work isn't your cup of tea, tomorrow I'll provide an offer for you for your own Business Review. Be ready to act tomorrow, available spots will go quickly!

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