September 25, 2023

Negative Inflection Points

You need to get gas ... tank is low and time is short. So you pull up to the pump, and are greeted with this little gem.

In your customer data, you'll notice that one customer out of a thousand process the QR code and sign up for either Silver, Gold, or Platinum level rewards. That's an inflection point.

Your analytics team measures the positive side of the inflection point.

Your analytics team cannot measure the negative side of the inflection point.

  • I get $0.75 off each gallon of gas at my QT store by pairing my grocery id to my gas purchase.
  • I get $0.10 off each gallon of gas at Shell by accepting PLATINUM STATUS.

Where do you think I'm going to get gas next time?

Each of us manage a business loaded with negative inflection points. I once had a Marketing Executive tell her CEO not to trust me because my website looked like it was created during the Bush Administration. That's a negative inflection point. It's our job to minimize negative inflection points.

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