September 24, 2023

Inflection Point: The Camp Fire

Inflection points happen in different ways at different times.

For instance, if you own an RV, you visit a lot of campgrounds. There are two first-impressions you get at a campground. At check-in, you'd probably prefer to walk into a modern office than a double-wide trailer from 1994.

The second first-impression happens when you arrive at your campsite.

Almost every campsite offers a picnic table. That goes with the territory. Some campsites are paved (this one isn't).

But look at the little campfire opportunity.

If you run a 300 site RV campground, it will cost you $79 * 300 = $23,700 to furnish all sites with a campfire pit.

And yes, most of your customers are passing through, they aren't returning.

They are talking, however. Going the extra mile means that an RV customer will recommend this place ... your future new customers come because you offered this little nicety to a current customer. You spend $23,700 in 2021 to obtain new customers in 2024 ... and you cannot connect the 2024 customer to the 2021 purchase of camp fire pits.

So yes, this is an inflection point. Not one you see in your data, but an important one nonetheless. The best performing clients I work with cannot track 20% to 50% (often more) of their new customers. They have word of mouth. Word of mouth is often generated via product/creative inflection points.

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