January 19, 2023

Ceramic Tire Dressing

We evaluated a tepid Macy's post on Instagram ("buy bedding because we placed a cute dog on the bed").

We evaluated a post from Duluth Trading Company ("but these pants because we believe in them and you are laborer who needs them"). Clearly there is a merchant/marketing partnership going on.

Then we get to Griot's Garage.

Now we're fully aligned with classic Direct Marketing. Griot's Garage cares so much about this one specific item that they let a copywriter show some passion. Read that text. They're proud of what they are selling.

This is the exact opposite of putting a dog on a bed and saying "buy bedding".

You'll know you are succeeding because you will see various items in various categories outperform others. You will see items (like this one) potentially generating far more new customers than other items, or potentially generating more loyal customers than others via repeat purchases.

When you see all categories performing similarly ... when you see all items within a category performing similarly, you know the company doesn't have a merchant/marketing partnership trying to develop categories and items within categories.

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