January 18, 2023

Better Development of a Category - Pants

Since I bring up Duluth Trading Company a lot, here's an Instagram Post.

Remember my Macy's example from yesterday? The brand marketers wanted you to buy bedding because a cute dog was sitting on a bed.

There are plenty of elements of brand marketing at play in this attempt at selling. They're clearly telling you who their target customer is, and the target customer isn't messing around with beakers in a laboratory. Then they tell you why this pair of pants matters. They're Developing their Pants category. The merchant loves the product (or they wouldn't tell you that they've registered trademarks for this product), and the marketer is clearly communicating the type of customer who will love this product.

In my work, it isn't difficult to see the merchant/marketing partnership at work. There will be specific products that sell well-above-average in specific channels. You'll learn that those items, within categories, are being developed by the fusion of a merchant who loves his/her products and a marketer who loves sharing the products with customers and prospects.

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