November 30, 2022

Winning Items? Or Other Items?

Look at the bar chart below.

A first-time buyer buys a mix of items, no doubt, but the items marginally skew toward "anything", meaning that the items are not skewed to best sellers (those items have a value of 0.00 in this analysis ... low-selling items have a value of 1.00 in this analysis).

Outside of the crazy customers who buy all the time (often employees), loyal customers tend to skew to best-selling items, in this case.

Every company has a personality ... this company gives discounts to best customers, and best customers appear to buy winning / best selling items. One might surmise that this company is discounting best-sellers to loyal buyers.

A common trap clients fall into is the trap where loyal customers like long-term best-selling items, thereby paralyzing the brand when a merchant wants to move the brand forward with new items not guaranteed to sell well. When best customers like best items (which have been sold for a long time), the brand cannot move forward ... customers will hold the brand hostage.

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