October 04, 2022

It Has To Work Now

You get emails from people. All sorts of interesting feedback.

One of the common ones goes like this:

  • "I need a tactic and the tactic has to work right away. It has to work now. What can you share with me? What are other people doing?"

Two things. First, I cannot share what my other clients are doing. That's not right. Second, why must it work now?

There was a time, long ago, back when website redesigns had significant impact on conversion rates. A large brand completely rebuilt their website from scratch. Here's what happened to conversion rates by time.
  • Two Months Prior = 3.0% Conversion Rate.
  • One Month Prior = 3.1% Conversion Rate.
  • One Month After = 2.5% Conversion Rate.
  • Two Months After = 2.8% Conversion Rate.
  • Three Months After = 3.0% Conversion Rate.
What would this company (a large brand many of you know) have done if the new strategy "had to work now?"

Whatever you are trying, it's unlikely it will "work now".

And I realize that frustrates you. You are being paid to execute ideas that work now.

Look to sports for comparables ... the NY Jets have been a hot mess for years. When they hire a new coach, does it "work now?" Most teams that hire new coaches struggle for a period of time ... then they acquire the right players and the system eventually clicks (or it doesn't).

Here's the thing. If you do enough "things" you'll get to a point where "some" of the "things" work out. If you do enough of these things, some of them will work quickly.

I worked with a company that executed thousands of online tests per day. Thousands! Guess what? Some of those "things" worked, and some of them worked right now.

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