October 03, 2022

Feeder Program

I know, you're not going to watch a podcast about the business of pickleball, so by all means please don't click through this link.

But if you do watch part of it, around the 7:00 mark Tyson talks about his YouTube training videos being part of a "feeder program" to get players into his camps (where they pay $$$ ... where he makes $$$).

What is your "feeder program"?

I keep hearing how hard it has become for you to acquire new customers, and the data you send me mirrors your comments.

But again, what is your "feeder program"?

What is the program that you offer or employ to create awareness so that customers eventually purchase from you for the first time?

If you cannot answer the question in five seconds, you don't have a feeder program (paid social is not a feeder program, FYI).

What is the product you feature in your feeder program? Who is the person(ality) who cannot stop talking about the product in your feeder program (this person(ality) is not the influencer you pay to talk)?

What is your "feeder program"?

P.S.:  Pay attention to the comments that follow ... after he set up his program, crickets ... nothing happened for three months, causing a LOT of anxiety. And then ... then ... it worked. I know you hate to hear that stuff, because you want everything to work eleven seconds after launch. Life doesn't happen that way, does it?

P.P.S.:  In the 12th minute, Tyson talks about how the owner of one of the three entities in professional pickleball (Major League Pickleball) offered Tyson a "home" so that he could play in Austin. The guy is a billionaire, so that certainly helps, but he purchases homes and lets the best players live in those homes (in Austin) so they can play together, train, improve, and thereby improve his product (Major League Pickleball). What are the ways that you bring your customers together to improve your customer base and ultimately improve your "brand"?

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