July 27, 2022

The Power of File Power

Nice use of words, huh?

Here's something that I frequently see in my work. Look at rebuy rates by segment.

In each segment, rebuy rates are identical on a year-over-year basis.

However, rebuy rates in 2022 are 26.3% whereas rebuy rates were 24.3% the year prior.

This happens because of File Power ... you have 50 more 1x buyers, 200 more 2x buyers, and 250 more 3x+ buyers in 2022. Those customers pay you back.

Management cannot take credit for the increase in Rebuy Rates.

Well, that's not entirely true ... the increase in Rebuy Rates isn't because of anything they've done special this year, it's because of the hard work done by the entire company in previous years.

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