July 10, 2022


If you want to understand why clients don't trust vendors and trade journalists, read this little peach from a week ago:

Direct Mail is not, I repeat ... "is not" ... making a comeback.

All you have to do is measure the results to know it is not making a comeback.

I know, I know, your boutique agency (I am awaiting hate mail from one agency head as we speak) tells you that some random retailer "reinvented itself" with direct mail. Wrong. The agency needs direct mail to be successful because they make money when you spend money the way they tell you to spend it.

Yeah, the National Retail Federation makes money this way. And the vendor needs you to believe them so the vendor can make money.

But yeah, look at actual data, real / actual customer response data, actual Customer Development metrics, and you'll clearly see that Direct Mail is Not Making a Comeback. Doesn't mean you should abandon it if you use it effectively, but it is not making a comeback.

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