March 06, 2022

15th Anniversary Special

Fifteen years ago this week I launched MineThatData. Within five days I had a $40,000 project agreed upon ... days later I was off an running.

Fifteen years ago!

Think of what has happened between then and now?

As we start year sixteen, I want to offer you, the loyal reader, something different. For fifteen years I've worked on "projects" ... specific assignments based on something I've created ... based on the perceived needs of you, the loyal reader.

So here it goes. Let's perform a trial. I will agree to work on your advanced analytics issues ... whatever you need analyzed at an advanced level I'll analyze for the next three months at a 1/3rd time commitment. In other words, you get me for thirteen hours a week for three months. If we both agree that the three month trial went well and wish to extend it, we can do that as well.

Contact me quickly ( because there will likely be multiple offers for this opportunity. On my project pricing page, this is called the "Virtual Analytics Officer" project (click here).

Happy Anniversary everybody!

P.S.:  You are probably wondering, "what kind of work won't Kevin do?" I don't build databases, create dashboards, build database tables, write code in your preferred language, build campaigns, or execute campaigns. I don't write SQL to extract data from your database - you don't want an external consultant touching your database, do you? If you want me to analyze your key business issues on call, I'm here. If you want me to explain to your Executive Team what is happening, I'm available. If you want me to mentor your staff, I'm available. If you need help leading your team, I'm available. If you are a vendor looking for insight into how I do what I do, I'm available. If you can extract the information for me in a .csv file, I'm available to help you.

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