March 03, 2022

Your Dashboard

Back in 2005 Google Analytics did something that ultimately happens in most industries. They created a "standard" for how digital data gets analyzed. It no longer mattered that other people had better solutions, or customized solutions. Google told you what "the" solution was. End of story. 

Over on my newly created pickleball analytics blog, a reader asked me what I thought a future "Pickleball Box Score" would look like? In other words, baseball / basketball / football all have box scores that outline who won, and summarize what the allegedly important statistics are. The reader was astute enough to foresee a future where somebody creates the standard used for analyzing pickleball matches.

Once the standard has been created, a market opens up ... for advanced analytics. The NFL / NBA / MLB all are supported by organizations turning out advanced metrics ... for a fee. Just because a MLB player (assuming there is an MLB season) goes 1-3 doesn't mean the MLB player had a good day. Did he swing at bad pitches and get lucky? Did he swing at good pitches and strike out? The dashboard / box score can't tell you those answers.

For nearly fifteen years, I've made a living going beyond the box score.

If your dashboard is a summary of what Google Analytics tells you to look at, you haven't done anything special. You've done something practical, sure, but not special.

In the next few years, you are going to see an evolution in Dashboards ... you'll have introductory views of customer behavior ... and then you'll have advanced views of customer behavior. Marketers currently refer to these advanced views as "journeys" ... that aspect of analysis is in the embryotic stages of the life of information. 

Exciting times are coming, folks!!

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