November 01, 2021

Holding Out Hope

I talk a lot about new customers, and for good reason ... it's the lifeblood of your business.

Every once in a while a reader will tell me something about how "Brand X" pulled out a surprise from the marketing playbook ... they mailed a catalog or they opened a store or something comparable from the 1980s and the strategy worked, and that is proof that you have to hang on to hope.

Did you see the end of the Packers / Cardinals game from last Thursday?

Completely doomed, the Packers got a late end zone interception and held on to win the game.

You can hold out hope that your defense will do something amazing.

How often does "hope" happen?

Well, the last time a team was intercepted in the end zone trailing by 3 or less with 15 seconds or less was ... in 1996.

Twenty-five years ago.

Holding out hope that something amazing will happen with your business is like hoping for an interception in the final seconds in a tight game. It "can" happen, but it is unlikely to happen.

Focus on what happens every day ... you acquire new customers every day. Choose new customers that are likely to become loyal.

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