September 13, 2021

Wrong Priorities

The omnichannel tech folks love this kind of stuff. Here's the refrigerator door, adorned with technology.

Now open the door and witness the indifference.

Does that look like love to you?

No wonder they won't let you see inside.

There's a camp of omnichannel gurus who want to use technology to "surprise and delight the customer".  They'll tell you to "JUST BE REMARKABLE". That's all. Just. Be. Remarkable.

Real work happens behind the scenes. This company spent money to give the appearance of a nicely merchandised store, then refused to spend any money to stock the shelves, so to speak.

As a customer, would you prefer technology that hides the merchandise or would you prefer that the product you wish to purchase is available and presented in a loving, caring manner?

Increasingly, it is obvious that love is what is missing. We seem to be stuck in a rut right now, we have the wrong priorities and we just don't seem to care.

All of that means there is a giant opportunity for those of you who do care ... and A LOT of you still care.

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