September 15, 2021

It's Time!!

Yup, time flies when you are in a pandemic. Or drags on forever. One of the two.

Anyway, it is time for the next run of The MineThatData Elite Program! For just $1,800 (first-time members) and $1,000 for continuing members, you'll get your typical suite of analyses ... your rolling twelve-month view of the world, your comp segment analytics (which measure how your merchandise productivity compares to last year during COVID and vs. two years ago when life was somewhat more normal), and your annual rebuy table.

Your bonus analysis? I will perform a comparison of long-term value of the customers acquired pre-COVID to the customers acquired during COVID and then during this odd period we currently reside in. This won't be a full lifetime value analysis, for that would cost $$$$, but you'll know how the changes over the past few years are impacting your future.

Want to see what you'll get? Email me to learn more ( If you are an existing partner, you'll be invoiced next week.

Key deadlines:
  • Payment due by October 15.
  • 5 Years of data, one row per item purchased, due October 15.
  • Analysis and writeup completed by October 31.

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