May 16, 2021

It's Time Again!

Four months flies by ... even in the era of COVID!

It's time for the next run of the MineThatData Elite Program ... an ongoing subscription program that has turned an amazing five years old!!

In this run, you'll get the standard analytics you've grown to know and love - comp segment analysis, rolling twelve-month buyer analysis, annual file analytics. 

The special add for this run? You guessed correctly ... it's the Time Lapse Analysis! You'll get to see if your Customer Development efforts have made a difference or not over the past four months.

  • $1,000 for existing subscribers.
  • $1,800 for first-time Elite Program members ... then $1,000 per run thereafter.
Key Dates:
  • Announce your participation by June 1.
  • Payment is due by June 15.
  • Data is due by June 15 (five years of data through May 31).
  • Analysis to be completed by June 30.
Let's go ... who wants to learn something??

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